Professional and semi-pro golfers all have strengths and weaknesses that they must recognise and deal with. Exploiting one�s strengths is the best way to improve your game, however. For example, putting is an issue for many golfers because they mis-read greens. They also do not factor wind and water when they putt. Water slows down a putt so you must compensate for this issue by hitting the ball harder on impact. Choosing the right putter makes a world of difference as well. Belly putters and standard putters require different grips, so you must try both to see what works the best.

Another important aspect of recognising your strengths, requires you to make tough choices during an approach to the green. Stronger golfers can go for the green much more easily from longer distances. However, they often over-shoot the green. Weaker golfers often try to hit the ball a greater distance than they are capable, and they end up hitting their ball into a sand trap or water hazard that surrounds the green. Knowing when to lay up is a skill in and of itself. Although it might not seem to be the manly thing to do at the time, it will certainly pay off when your score wends up being much better than those of your fellow players.

Sand hazards have the potential to play mind tricks on people, but if you are skilled at getting out of trouble, then you have the capacity to take more chances. Sand traps around the green come at different angles. The deeper traps with pronounced outer lips are the toughest to navigate. Before you take a shot from the trap, analyse your lie to see if the ball is buried. Capitalise on your hazard-shot strength and swing with confidence.