In order to improve your short game, you must be willing to work hard. This might seem like an obvious statement, but the reality is that multiple practice rounds enable you to improve your short game drastically. For example, many players have trouble approaching greens on longer par-4's and 5's. Players who are able to hit the ball long distances tend to over-shoot the green, and sometimes, they hit wayward shots in the process. If you want to become more like a professional golfer, then you need to acquire the ability to judge distances in yardage if it is not properly marked. Caddies take care of this issue when you have the luxury of one, but lone golfers must learn to cope.

Reading greens is tough for seasoned golfers at times, but in order to improve your short game like a professional, you must be able to do it effectively. The first thing you need to consider is green speed. Has it been raining, or has the course seen a particularly dry period of weather? These factors will help you to determine how hard to hit your putts. Practice reading difficult green breaks by watching other pros tackle the hole. No green is alike, so you must be able to adjust.

Chipping and pitching to the green is something that gives major problems to golfers of all skill levels. This is due to the fact that a mis-hit can mean the difference between birdie or par, or a double-bogy or worse! You must improve your short game by choosing clubs with different club face angles. Some golfers prefer a little more loft on short shots around the green, while others like to take the chip bump and run approach in order to get good results.